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Services to help your business control sales and maximize sales growth.

Overall Sales Effectiveness Assessment

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The Overall Sales Effectiveness (OSE) assessment provides visibility into what keeps you from obtaining maximum sales growth.   The OSE assessment will look at the three main components of effective selling.  Value, Volume, and Throughput.

High-growth companies

  • Know how to communicate their company and product value statements so they are unique, compelling, and intriguing enough for the "buyer" to buy.
  • Perform the volume of sales touches, have the sales opportunity pipeline, and have the sales budget in place to obtain their sales goals.
  • Eliminate self-induced errors in the execution of the sales process.

In most cases, this assessment can be completed in less than 3-days, serving as a roadmap to fix the problems and get your company back on the right track.

What you get:

  • List of issues that are getting in the way of you obtaining sales growth
  • Examples of how you can make specific improvements to these problem areas
  • Benchmark Reporting that monitors the elimination of those problem areas

What it does for your business:

  • Improvements to your messaging and value proposition that makes your sales team more effective
  • Increase in sales activities and movement of opportunities toward closure
  • Larger sales pipeline dollars and opportunities
  • More wins, shorter sales cycles, and actual metrics of sales performance beyond just wins and losses

"Go to Market" Plans

With this service, you will receive a comprehensive strategic sales and marketing plan which includes:
• Executive Summary
• Current Situation Analysis
• Market, Customer, and Competitor Analysis
• Existing people, process, and tools analysis
• Sales and Marketing Action Programs
• Suggested Tools & Technologies

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What you get:

  • Comprehensive plan of attack for new product launches, re-launches, or plan to raise capital for your business.
  • Analysis of current situation, and what can be done with your resources and constraints
  • Written step-by-step plan with revenue goals and budget.

Sales Leadership Coaching

   With this service, I consult with your sales & marketing leadership. Having strong & knowledgeable sales and marketing leadership is a prerequisite to sales and marketing success.

   Much of this service is coaching and teaching how to be efficient and effective in working with their teams. We work with sales leadership and provide tools that alert them to problems before it is too late.

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What you get:

  • Learn how to get more done by eliminating the time wasters by you and your team's actions.
  • Focus on sales movement versus sales motion.
  • Learn how to use sales benchmarking reports that give insights into sales problems while you can still help.
  • Learn how to better communicate with your executive leadership.
  • Learn how to find, interview, and make better sales hires.

Other Services

  • Comprehensive "Go to Marketing" Plans
  • Sales Playbooks
  • Market & Customer Analysis
    • Total Available Market
    • Total Addressable Market
    • Total Serviceable Market
  • Customer Interviews
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sales Personnel Hiring Best Practices
  • Sales Technology Assistance
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Network Introductions

I have been doing this for a long time and have a network of proven sales and marketing companies with expertise that may be able to help.

    • Sales Executive Recruiters
    • CRM Implementations
    • Sales Trainers
    • Sales Personality Assessments
    • Digital Marketing Firms
    • Full-service Marketing Firms

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