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   As a 5-time successful CEO, I know every CEO or owner wants more sales and revenue.  Sales execution is what delivers sales results.  Unfortunately, effective sales execution is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and is never the same from one company to another.

   Sales growth is often obtained with minimal adjustments to your people, processes, and tools.  Sales growth is obtained by understanding how effectively your value proposition is communicated.  And what your marketing, sales, and pipeline volume metrics and throughput metrics are.

   We will help you identify the issues limiting your sales growth and achieve the sales success you seek.

   Best of all, our engagements are short, non-disruptive, and to the point.

Does this sound like your company?

• Missed sales goals resulting in lower revenues
• Losing market share and deals to your competitors
• Paying salespeople too much money with little results
• Too much employee turnover within your sales team
• Sales blaming marketing, and marketing blaming sales
• Needing more capital because you missed your sales plan

Our ideal client profile

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• B2B Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, or Healthcare Information Technology Company
• $2M - $100M in Revenue
• Emerging Technologies - Software, Services, SaaS
• The owner knows the products, industry, and company but doesn't know what levers to pull to control and manage sales.
• Closely held (family, angel, round-1 VC, or self) funded.

“"Greg has been a great sounding board to me in growing TNEDICCA. He is not your typical sales consultant that parachutes in and is soon forgotten. Greg is an experienced operator and CEO who has great sales expertise and has walked in my shoes many times. He provides strong discipline and has helped us quickly construct a CRM system and repeatable sales process. Greg understands what sales information I need to run the business and how to glean the critical metrics necessary to make key decisions. " Yiem Sunbhanich, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TNEDICCA
Allied Molded Products LLC
Command Alkon
Olah Healthcare Technology
Symix Computer Systems LLC
Syman Solutions Group
Polaris Automation
ERP Analysts
Redhawk Capital Partners
“After being introduced to Greg it was apparent to me that he was exactly what we needed to solve the sales growth puzzle we had been struggling with for years. His number one passion was what would make Polaris more successful. His simplistic approach helped us focus on the few elements of our organization holding us back. After 39 years in business, we are finally on our way to achieving the growth we have been looking for. " Scott Cooke - CEO of Polaris Automation

How I've Helped Other Technology Companies Become Market Leaders

On my client results page, I share case stories of how I’ve helped multiple companies fix their sales growth issues, grow their companies without a complete overhaul, and become market leaders. Click below, and you’ll learn who they were and where they are now.

See my case stories
“Greg was hired to provide advice and “Go to Market” plans with two different companies. In each case, Greg quickly assessed the business and provided specific and executable recommendations that increased sales, and improved cash flow putting the companies on a path to become leaders in their markets. We’ve recently started working together on a third company. ." Tim Vogel, Managing Partner of Redhawk Capital Partners

Speciality services that help you take control of sales and sales growth

Overall Sales Effectiveness Assessment

   We will analyze your marketing materials, sales pipeline history, sales activities, win/loss ratios, and trends.

   We also talk with your customers about why they bought from your company and what they believe is most valuable.

   The result of this engagement is a discussion and written report that will show you specific actions and activities that are keeping you from obtaining your sales objectives.

"Go to Market" Plans

With this service, you will receive a comprehensive strategic sales and marketing plan. This plan includes the following:
• Executive Summary
• Current Situation Analysis
• Market, Customer, & Competitor Analysis
• Existing people, process, tools analysis
• Sales & Marketing Action Programs
• Tools & Technologies

Sales Leadership Coaching

   With this service, I consult with your sales & marketing leadership. Having great sales and marketing leadership is a prerequisite to sales and marketing success.

   Much of this service is coaching and teaching how to be efficient and effective in working with their teams. We work with sales leadership and recommend tools and technologies to alert them to problems before it is too late.

“Greg was hired to help us grow our revenues and expand our customer base within our resource constraints. Within 60 days, Greg created a "Go To Market" plan that allowed us to add hundreds of new customers and make our phones ring off the wall. We added hundreds of new customers, became more self-sufficient, and our sales grew over 30% within the first year.” Bill Harvey - CEO/Owner of Allied Molded Products