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Salez1 - Overall Sales Effectiveness
  • Automatically capture weekly snapshots of your CRM Lead, Opportunity, Forecast, Account, Contact, and Activity data for analytics and trending insights into sales performance.
  • Gain built-in hierarchal views of your CRM details, offering top-down individual or aggregated details of your Overall Sales Effectiveness.
  • Effortlessly visualize and compare your sales team, product, and channel sales performance across multiple periods to make informed decisions.
  • Access concise net change details highlighting changes from week to week without requiring you to read every line of your report.
  • Maintain CRM snapshot data for years that is easily exported for analytics and reporting purposes.
  • Prepare realistic sales plans that meet your company's growth objectives based on facts and not just wishful thinking.
  • Understand your real Overall Sales Effectiveness with a cloud-based dynamic viewer and automated reports at any time.
    • Hosted on AWS, ensuring data protection and accessibility
    • Integrates with market leading CRM systems
    • Integrates with market leading analytics and reporting tools